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EU Commission replies to FEMA critique

Sep 30, 2010

EU Commission replies to FEMA critique


FEMA had criticized the European Commission for holding the public consultation on the possible harmonisation of Periodical Technical Inspections (PTI) for vehicles in English only. Now the Commission replied to this critique, indicating as well a massive participation of concerned motorcyclists.

Click on the image to download the response of the Commission.

In a letter to Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas FEMA President Gerard Livett expressed his concern about the public consultation on PTI being held in English only - despite the fact that 87% of Europeans are using other languages at home. In a reply addressed to FEMA, the Commission explains that its services "have to perform their tasks within the frame of available resources and time". The Commission also pointed towards the possibility of "written contributions in any of the official languages of the European Union".

The European Commission is preparing a proposal to harmonise PTI across Europe, which could include a provision to integrate two-wheelers into testing as well. FEMA already reported about the issue. The first signal from the European executive came in July, with an open consultation offered on the internet, to gather the opinion of users on current and future inspection schemes.

FEMA campaign on PTI already a success

FEMA and its national organisations have called all motorcyclists to participate in the public consultation on PTI, and provided translations of the questions and optional answers in Dutch and French. FEMA also launched a Facebook group to raise rider's attention on the issue and within one week, the group had already be joined by 1000 riders.

The Commission's reply underlines the first successes of FEMA's PTI campaign: "the recent response statistics on the internet consultation on PTI show more than 1200 out of a total of 2000 replies have been received from citizens of other than English speaking countries". In partial results published in early September, around 900 replies had been received, of which more than 90% came from the UK.

With regard to "the representation of your clients" the Commission continues in the letter "I can inform you that 40% of the replies can be linked to motorcycle owners". The letter dates two weeks ago, in the meantime already 1850 riders joined the Facebook group on PTI. The public consultation was closed last week. We will inform you about the final result as soon as it is publicised.

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